Deliverable N° D 4.1

The press release below announces the launch of the iCspec project and summarizes the main goals of the project. It is published on the iCspec web site and will be released in the Siemens Pictures newsletter ( within July or August 2015. This newsletter reaches 23000 subscribers among these many multipliers like newspapers and journals.

Deliverable N° D 4.2

The deliverable reports on the creation of the project-dedicated website. It describes in short, and shows the respective images, on how the website is organized and what its preliminary content is. The website is located under and it is divided into two main sections: openaccess, i.e. accessible to a broad public, and internal, password protected and reserved for the iCspec consortium members only. The website will be continuously updated as the project runs.

Deliverable N° D 4.6

The consortium organized a workshop on a subject of laser-based gas sensing. This was the fourth of the MIRSENS Workshop series (International workshop on opportunities and challenges in midinfrared laser-based gas sensing - ) held in Wrocław, Poland, May 1517, 2017. Its scientific programme contained 10 invited talks given by renowned experts, 33 contributed talks and 15 posters, covering all the related subjects and representing all the key players in this field from both academia and industry. In total, 87 scientists, engineers, application managers from 16 countries participated in Mirsens 4, representing a broad spectrum from photonic device development, through physics and fabrication of devices, to applied laser spectroscopy in various branches, a perfect audience to disseminate the iCspec results in an efficient way.

Deliverable N° D 4.8

The press release reports the finalisation of the iCspec project, summarizes the main goals and the results of the project. It will be published on the iCspec web site ( and on the Siemens Pictures of the Future (POF) online magazine during October 2018 (see technology-for-process-industry.html) The POF website reaches the expert audience as well as the interested public. It is an excellent dissemination channel with 50000 to 60000 website accesses per month.