Airoptic Sp. z o.o. is an SME founded in 2010. The people behind Airoptic have been involved in the developing of tunable diode laser gas monitoring instrumentation and spectrometers for more than two decades, including the development of a wide range of gas monitoring instruments for applications in industrial process analytics and in medical analysis. Airopticoffers a high performance TDL flexible platform that is suitable for cross duct, open path and extractive gas analysis with focus on Mid-IR applications. Recently the company introduced GAsEye HCHO product, the first remote formaldehyde analyser based on an interband cascade laser (ICL) in the Mid-IR. Our specialities are in the fields of optical design, electronics, signal processing and applications for TDL systems. A substantial focus and resources are put on R&D activities concerning development of novel analyser products. Airoptic has participated in several international and national research projects which allowed the company to gain substantial experience in application of novel Mid-IR sources for gas sensing appications, including ICL and QCL devices

Paweł Kluczyński

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Stefan Lundqvist

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