The University of Würzburg

The chair for „Technische Physik" at the Universität Würzburg – previously held by Prof. Alfred Forchel and currently held by Prof. Martin Kamp – has become a leading center for technology and characterization of novel III – V materials and related nanophotonic devices during the last decade. The group operates a clean room (Gottfried-Landwehr-Laboratory for Nanotechnology, former Microstructure Laboratory) with a total area of 550m2. A complete technology chain for III-V semiconductor processing is available, ranging from dedicated MBE systems for quantum well and quantum dot heterostructure growth in different material systems to high resolution electron beam systems, focused ion beam systems, different dry etching systems, metalisation systems etc. In depth material and device characterization tools are available, including scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, secondary ion mass spectroscopy, atomic force microscopy, fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, electro-optic laser characterization setups, etc. The chair has about 50 staff members including students. The main research topics are related to studies of low- dimensional semiconductor systems, including work in the field of nanoelectronic and optoelectronic devices. More specifically, the department has established the growth and processing of semiconductor lasers in different material systems (GaAs, InP, GaSb), including diode lasers, quantum cascade lasers and interband cascade lasers. UWUERZ has played a leading role in the development of GaSb diode lasers for gas sensing applications. Recent research highlights are the demonstration of low threshold interband cascade lasers in the wavelength range from 3-6 µm.

Martin Kamp

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